People We Love

                                Burning Books

Michael and Melody. Simply put, these are two of the most inspiring, creative, and continually surprising makers and thinkers we know. If you have a chance to publish or show their work you would be better for it.

Burning Books

                                 Shop Horne

Ryan and Alissa. Functional and beautiful or is it beautiful and functional? No matter, they have it and you should check it out.


                                   Canal House

Christopher and Melissa. Years ago when we were in Sicily we were trying to make food look simple and natural. They, unknowingly, showed us how.



                                   The Farm School

Ian and Shelley. Learning how to cook will never be so fun, we promise.

                                    Uji Films

Michael and Ernie. We rarely meet people who are this funny and able to make important and seriously good films.

uji final

                                 Weddings By Two

Laura and Ben. We sort of grew up with Laura and Ben, they’re like the brother and sister that we get along with. Their simplicity and honesty in their photography is nothing short of inspiring. (OK, so they’re like the brother and sister we steal from, too!)


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