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kate and guy eat. no, first we make food, then we make pictures of the food, no wait; we make it, we taste it, style it a bit (but really it looks best without too much fussing), and then we eat, mostly sharing it with friends or who ever is around and then they are friends too. guy likes to take pictures of people making food and people who produce food. and he likes his espresso. kate likes to make food, develop recipes and edit. this blog is stuff we are working on and stuff we are playing with, most of the time they are one and the same.

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2 thoughts on “about us

  1. Hi there Guy!
    So where do you reside now? Sicily?
    Good for you and your interesting life. I wouldn’t have expected you to live in a house in a subdivision in the suburbs. Not dissing it. Just not you.

    • Hi Lisa! So nice to hear from you. We are not in Sicily any longer, (sadly), but New Jersey. That is almost like saying we are in a subdivision, but actually we are far from that. We are in Lambertville and really enjoying this part of central jersey on the Delaware River. If you ever get back east let me know. My dad is still in Stanhope so I would be happy to come up. Best to you! Guy

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kate and guy, weekly doings

cookbook editing, food styling and photography: in house or on the road

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