Friday Night Fish Fry

When I was a kid, Friday evenings during Lent meant fried fish sandwiches. My dad and brother and I would drive up Braddock Avenue, into Swissvale, to the M&M Lounge. It was tucked behind a sad little shopping center with a Ben Franklin and a Shop & Save. The sky overhead was always heavy with […]

People Eating: Elio

I like pictures of beautiful food. I like beautiful pictures of food. But what is meant to happen to that food? Hopefully it will be eaten, enjoyed, appreciated; happily. This is something I want to start seeing more of. It should be an interesting challenge because who wants a picture of himself eating? I started […]

Jumping in

It was almost four years ago that we decided to leave New York, the place where we started our little family and lived in all the stereotypical New York situations: loud sublets, roaches, smoking neighbors, the sounds of sex in the airshaft, an endless horizon of delicious and cheap food, stuck subways, rain, heat, dog […]

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